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247 Ink Mag Mags

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Goliath Needles and 247 Ink Magazine have teamed up to bring you this special edition variety pack; four of your favorite MAGNUM sizes in one package and all for a great cause. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Incand the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to support breast and colon cancer research.

Each pack contains 5 cartridges of each size and they are available in Goliath White and Goliath Gold.

White Mags: 1207M-1209M-1215M-1223M

Gold Mags: 1207M-1209M-1215M-1223M

Gold Curve Mags: 1207CM-1209CM-1215CM-1223CM

Gold Curve Magnum BugPin: 1009CM-1013CM-1015CM-1023CM

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